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Meet Our Photographers!


Rick Shepherd

Professional Photographer
President of Paradise Properties

Rick is from Ontario, Canada and permanently resides in Punta Cana. We do wedding and special event photography sessions within the resorts and the surrounding region known as Punta Cana. We have a dedicated team who have been taking beautiful and memorable photography of weddings, family group shots, girls or guys bachelorette or bachelor party...

Gatherings, anniversaries, conventions, landscapes, promotional material or simply couples wanting to save that special holiday or vacation moment, for over 10 years. Each customer is unique! Our focus is to provide the best services, tailored to your specific needs! ALL AT VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES with PACKAGES STARTING AT ONLY $250! Our quality and commitment to make your wedding or special event is our primary focus – we pride ourselves in our appreciation of your special day. We are available for both daytime and evening shoots and are very capable of photographing weddings and special events at either your resort during your stay in Punta Cana or we can also offer off-site locations that are very beautiful and picturesque.Being located in Punta Cana, benefit’s our clients greatly, as there would be no additional cost to you to have us travel from Canada, the USA or Great Britain to Punta Cana, to photograph your special event.



Lexie Wilcox

Professional Photographer

Lexie is from New Brunswick, Canada and resides in Punta Cana for 6 months each year. An exceptionally gifted and talented photographer and also a great Tour Guide with her vast knowledge of Punta Cana. For those wishing to cherish the memories of their time in Punta Cana, Paradise Properties is pleased to have Lexie’s expertise available to do so.

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