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Paradise Properties

We operate and reside in the most popular vacation destination in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Over 4.5 million yearly visitors travel to this eastern tip of the Island. The Beaches are often rated among the top 10 beaches in the world – complete with over 35 kms of soft golden brown to white sand wrapped in an amazing beautiful climate - PICTURE PERFECT!

It is no surprise that the world is coming to Punta Cana. This Caribbean destination is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers from Canada, the USA and Great Britain. Condominiums are being built at a fast pace to handle the demand created by those wishing to vacation or own a part of Punta Cana. Many vacationers are now purchasing their own vacation property for their personal enjoyment or as an investment for future retirement. The majority of the condominiums are on the beach or within a 10 minute stroll. Vacation rentals are selectively chosen, well priced and proudly maintained. A transportation service is available from the Punta Cana airport directly to your vacation rental property.

Paradise Properties is an independent sales representative for Vacation Rentals, Properties for Sale and offers a complete Property Management Services through our partnership with the Top Realty Companies located in the heart of this vacation area. Every aspect of your vacation rental or purchase is expertly handled by professional licensed staff. For those who wish to purchase a property in Punta Cana, a Home Inspection Service is available. You may contact us by telephone at our office in Punta Cana or by simply replying through our Contact Us page in this website. Your inquiries will be forwarded to the person that will be able to send the booking details along with other information you request.

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It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and to assist you with your Vacation Rental & Property purchase needs in Paradise! Please be sure to enter your email address correctly as a growing number of clients do not enter it correctly and do not include a telephone number for us to be able to communicate back to you.